Pelee Island

I have never been to Pelee Island, and when Jennifer mentioned it last March while we were in Florida as a possible weekend getaway in the fall, I began looking forward to seeing what the island was like. 

Dawn and I met up with Mom, Dad and Jennifer and Joe at the Kingsville docks late in the afternoon on Friday, and boarded the "Pelee Islander".  The boat trip took about 90 minutes, and was cloudy and a little cool on the water but a nice ride nonetheless.

IMG 0056

I was immediately amazed at how much the island reminded me of Barbados.  Obviously not the climate, but the look and feel of an old community.  We had a short drive to the cottage, and were very impressed with the beautiful cottage and great location where it was situated.  Right next door is a nice long beach, and the view was spectacular.  We had cocktails out at the Tiki Bar on the deck overlooking Lake Erie, before heading to the Anchor and Wheel Inn for dinner.  The place was packed, but we did not have to wait long to get seated.  We enjoyed a nice meal, and discussed life in the Keys, which was a big part of the restaurants theme.  Turns out the owner lives down there during the winter months.  We also enjoyed a couple bottles of "Gamay" wine from Pelee Island Winery, where we were touring the next day.  This bottle had a picture of a flying squirrel on it.  We returned to the cottage and had a bit more wine, and chatted a bit before calling it a night.

Saturday morning we awoke to another cloudy day, but we did not let that get our spirits down.  We had a couple cups of coffee in the Florida room before making our customary Bloody Caesar's.  The car was packed up with a cooler and some drinks and we headed off to see the Pelee Island Lighthouse.  It was a short hike to the lighthouse, and much of it was on the beach.  Luckily the skies had cleared up and the weather was becoming a perfect fall day.  The lighthouse was very cool, as it was built in 1833.

Pelee Island Lighthouse

After the lighthouse, we headed over to Pelee Island Winery, and enjoyed another good bottle of wine while we waited for the afternoon tour to begin.  The tour was very informative, and explained how the climate on Pelee Island is ideal for growing wine grapes, and other interesting aspects of wine production.  The tour ended with a taste testing of 5 different wines, all of which were excellent.  We had a picnic outside in the garden area of the winery with some fantastic Kabobs that Joe had made, and enjoyed yet another great bottle of wine.  Dawn and I ended up buying 12 bottles of wine to take home, and Joe and Jennifer bought some as well.

Having drinks at the cottage

Back at the cottage, we fired up the Margarita maker and enjoyed the beautiful back yard overlooking Lake Erie.  We cooked Ribs and Corn for dinner, and Jennifer picked up some deserts at the local bakery.  Joe made a nice campfire, and we enjoyed a nice cigar with our wine to close out a perfect day.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed back on the much larger ferry "Jiimaan", which dropped us back at Kingsville.  Dawn and I picked up some groceries at Zehrs, including some "Dill Pickle" flavored potato chips which are my absolute favorite, and some various Presidents Choice stuff that is not available in the U.S..  I was sad to have missed the Lions crush Kansas City, but that was a small sacrifice for such a wonderful weekend getaway.

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