Mediterranean Cruise, 2012

For our 20th Anniversary, Dawn and I decided to take a trip to Europe, since I had never been there, and Dawn loved it so much.  We chose Italy and a Mediterranean Cruise, since the stops were all placed Dawn had not been to yet, and we really wanted to see Italy.

We flew from Detroit to Paris, then on to Genoa, which is a fairly small city in Northern Italy.  When we booked the flight, we upgraded to what we thought was First Class, but it turned out to only be Business Class, and we were quite sorry we did that.  The seats were actually less comfortable than the standard Economy class seating, and we did not get much sleep at all on the long flight.

Genoa's airport was even smaller than Windsor's airport.  We became concerned when our cab driver could not speak any english whatsoever, because we had been told by many people that almost all Italians speak english.  After a short misunderstanding about where we were going, we got to our hotel, and checked in.  We took a short walk up the street, finding a restaurant on the sidewalk, and had Prosciutto, Wine, and bread for dinner.

The next day, we did a LOT of walking throughout Genoa.  We were looking for a place to exchange American currency, which we were misadvised we could do anywhere.  Turns out, we could not even exchange it at the banks.  We spent the better part of the day enjoying our walk through town before finally finding a Western Union where we were able to convert enough money to get by a few days.  The town of Genoa is so charming it seems right out of a movie set.  The streets are narrow, the shops/food are amazing.  That night, we ate at a tiny little restaurant just down the street from our hotel, and enjoyed a bottle of wine, then had a handmade Gelato on the walk back.

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