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Much of my travel is Camping in Michigan in the Summer, and Snowmobiling in the Winter.  I also ride my ATV quite a bit in Michigan during the fall.

Occasionally, Dawn and I get to travel around, and we have been to most of the islands in the Caribbean as well as much of Mexico.  We hope to do a few exciting trips in the next few years including Hawaii, Italy and Australia/New Zealand.

Mediterranean Cruise, 2012

For our 20th Anniversary, Dawn and I decided to take a trip to Europe, since I had never been there, and Dawn loved it so much.  We chose Italy and a Mediterranean Cruise, since the …

Pelee Island

I have never been to Pelee Island, and when Jennifer mentioned it last March while we were in Florida as a possible weekend getaway in the fall, I began looking forward to seeing what …

Algoma Snow Train

Algoma Snow Train

Our Snow Train trip had been rescheduled to February due to a lack of snow on the trails we would be riding. Unfortunately, that resulted in a much smaller group than we had originally …

Key Largo

Key Largo

I just got home last night from a 5 day trip to Key Largo to visit my parents. 

It was an eventful 5 days, and we did not really do much relaxing. I arrived at around 7:00pm on Thursday …

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