Dads 75th Birthday

Mom had been calling and asking if Dawn and I were going to be able to come down to Key Largo for a visit, and we had reluctantly come to the conclusion that we could not due to having so much going on and flights being too expensive.  Both of us were kind of down because we really had wanted to go, then Jennifer left a message on my cell phone telling me about some great deals on flights that she had found.  We took a second look, and decided to go for it and surprise Dad.  We booked our flights, and Jennifer emailed me to let me know that Joe and her would be coming too, and they were even on the same flight.

Cathy and Mom, along with Ernie and Caroline told Dad they were taking him to PonTunes for lunch, and we were hiding in the back waiting for them.  A table had been set up with a couple balloons, and once they had ordered a round of drinks, we carried them out singing Happy Birthday and surprised him.  That was so much fun!  He was totally surprised!


After a few rounds of drinks, we boarded the "Queen Annes Revenge", a 3 masted sailboat which Cathy arranged to take us out for an afternoon cruise through the bay.  The sailboat was awesome, and we had a fabulous time with our buckets of beer and enjoying the scenery.  PonTunes food was excellent, and everybody had a great afternoon.  We even saw a couple of Dolphin that swam alongside of us for a time, and a hovercraft too.


Once we got back ashore, we headed up to The Big Chill, where we enjoyed a nice dinner, some more drinks, and everybody danced and partied until late.  So many people at the bar came over to wish Dad a happy birthday, and I could not believe that he still had enough energy to dance for hours.  At one point, we even saw Dad dancing to AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long, which was hilarious.

Friday was a beach one day with a lunch of Subway sandwiches.  The weather was a bit cool, but still sunny and beautiful.  None of us really swam, but we took in the sunshine and enjoyed watching the scenery and kiteboarders.

Big Chill 004

Friday, Cathy, Jennifer, Dawn, Joe and I drove down to Key West for the day.  It was a beautiful drive, and we had spent the afternoon bar-hopping from place to place and had a great time.  We hit Sloppy Joes, Hog's Breath Saloon, The Flying Monkey and a few others.  One fun stop was the "Smallest Bar", which was serving drinks made in a coconut or Pineapple.  Joe and I got to enjoy a hand-rolled cigar that we bought on the street at a place called "The Bull".  This is one of my favorite things to do while down in the Keys, and never fails to deliver a great day of fun.  We hit the road home and met up with the rest of the gang at The Big Chill back in Key Largo where the party was still going.

Saturday, we went to the pool next to The Big Chill and met up with Vern and Linda.    Another day of beautiful weather and scenery, and a nice dinner too.

Sunday, we went to Gilberts to listen to the live band, and enjoyed a nice afternoon of live music.  When we got back to the cottage, we cooked up some dinner and afterward Frank and Betty came and visited.

Sadly, Dawn, Cathy and I had to leave on Monday.  Joe and Jennifer were lucky to be able to stay a few more days.

© 2014 Dean Abraham