My friend Brad received 4 tickets to the Food City 500 Nascar race at Bristol, and he took my other neighbors Rich, Rick and I with him. 

We left on Saturday morning at 6am, figuring on about a 10 hour drive. The GPS told us to head down to Knoxville then turn almost around and head up another 50 miles or so. The drive was pretty uneventful, with Rick taking the first turn at the wheel. The sun came up right after we passed through Toledo, and we were noticing how low the water seemed to be in the rivers. When we crossed the Ohio river between Cincinatti and Kentucky, the bottom of the river was clearly visible. I had been to Cincinatti in about grade 5 for a field trip, and I remembered the river being very large. This time, it seemed much smaller. 

Our first stop for gas and food was in Kentucky, and we went to a bar called the "Horseshoe Saloon". It was a very western style bar, but the beer was cold, the bartender was cute, and we were hungry!!! While we were there, a woman ordered a glass half filled with olives, then filled with beer. WTF? I have no idea what that was, but maybe I'll get around to googling it later. I took over driving from here, and we continued on until Knoxville, where we stopped at the Downtown Grill and Brewery, which I had read about in an article in Popular Mechanics. The beer was very good, but we did not have too much time since we were anxious to get to our accomodations before nightfall. 

We rented a cabin called "The Phoenix" at the Meadow Creek Mountain resort, and we were sure glad that we arrived in daylight! The place was awesome, and the view was spectacular! After checking out the place we put on our bathing suits and had a cigar and a couple beers in the hot tub to loosen up our muscles and aching joints from being in the car all day. After that, we headed into the town of Newport to find a steak dinner. That turned out to be a bit of a chore, but eventually we ended up at a steak house and got some dinner, then headed back to the cabin and turned in for the night. 


Sunday morning we got up and packed for the race. We were all very excited, so we got what seemed to be a very early start at 8:30 am. The drive to Bristol wasn't too bad with the route that we took, but there really was not any highway, just a major road. We parked in a nearby yard where the owner was charging $10 to park and $3 a head for a ride to the buses. After a van ride, and a bus ride, we were finally ready to get into the track, so we entered at the closest entrance which seemed fairly close to our seats. Turned out we were actually on the complete other side of the track, but that was okay because the track is quite small! It was so cool! Kind of reminded me of Checker Flag speedway in Windsor when I was growing up, but with way more stands! We made our way around to the other side and sat down only to find out that we were in the wrong seats and that ours were actually quite a bit higher up in the stands. We made our way up to them, and it worked out even better because we could see both sides of the track from our new higher places. 

DSC00531The race was quite good, although there really wasn't too much in the way of collisions, etc. This track is so small that there are cars pretty much all the way around the track and bunched up. Without using the scoreboard, it would be very difficult to keep track of the racers position. People sure get excited! The woman that sat next to me gave Tony Stewart the bird as he passed on every single lap!! Brad was rooting for Tony Stewart, which is his favorite driver. Tony was poised to win, for the last portion of the race, and I was thinking that would be a fitting end, but alas it was not to be and he crashed 2 laps before the end. 


We headed home and stopped at the grocery store and picked up a bunch of steaks, potatoes and a caeser salad for dinner, which we barbecued back at the resort. After a great meal we watched "The Bourne Ultimatum" then hit the sack. 

The drive home was pretty uneventful, and Rick and Rich drove. The traffic got very heavy going through Cincinatti. There was also a Transport truck accident that involved a chicken-hauler. What a mess! 

All in all, the trip was great! Check out the picks in the gallery! 

Also, we all would very highly recommend the resort!

© 2014 Dean Abraham