Barnes Park 2008

We are finished camping for the year at our favorite campground, Barnes Park.

We brought our trailer up in early July and got a decent spot pretty close to the lake.  Last year we had a better spot, in fact, I think the spot we had last year is the nicest spot in the park.  The site worked well though, and we ended up keeping it there for almost 7 weeks in all.

The first weekend, since we did not have the boat with us, we made it a quick trip and spent a day at the beach on Torch Lake on Saturday then came back home on Sunday for a nice dinner with our friends and neighbors.  The water at Torch did not seem as cold as in previous years, but it was still too cold for Dawn to swim as she needs it to be like bath water before she'll take the plunge. 

The second weekend we were able to bring the boat up, and we met up with our friends from Canada Mike and Monique, and their daugther Kristen.  We had not seen them in a very long time, and it was great to have a long weekend to spend some time together!  We used the boat to go on Torch Lake, and did some swimming and travelling around.  We also made a day trip down to Alden, and visited the Alden Bar, which is one of our usual haunts due to their awesome wrap sandwiches.  Another friend Kia was down for the week, and we stopped in to see her and the cottage that she rented for the week which was beautiful, and walking distance to Alden too!  Kristen introduced us to "Mario Party" for the Nintendo DS, which we bought right away and Dawn has been addicted to ever since.

Dawn and I stayed home the next weekend, and Chris and Karen and their gang used the trailer for a week.  I'll let him tell of his happenings himself, but Dawn and I were back the following weekend.  We took off from work early, and got to the park at around 9ish to a much anticipated beer and campfire.  We spent the weekend using the boat and enjoying visiting with everybody and had another great time.  Dockside restaurant on the Clam river made a great lunch stop, and then we were able to go down to the south end of Torch Lake, and hung out at the sand bar for a few hours soaking in the sun and enjoying the great weather.

We headed back and enjoyed an awesome steak dinner after a long day.

Back to work for a few more days, and we came back and enjoyed a slower paced weekend of boating on the lake by ourselves.  We were joined by our friends Rich and Craig, and enjoyed a loud night and too many cocktails by the fire.  They were generous enough to bring a bunch of firewood, and we had a nice big fire for a change.  Sunday, we enjoyed the lake again, and relaxed by the fire once again before calling it a night.  The next day, we were supposed to pack up all of our stuff and begin heading home, but changed our mind and decided to come back the following weekend.

The final weekend, we again enjoyed the lake a couple times, and had a nice time with just the two of us.  We had to call it quits eventually, and so on Sunday we drove the boat down to Tawas and left it at my mother in laws cottage there, in anticipation of a trip or two in September.  We returned up to the campground and brought our trailer back down to Oakland County.

We brought the trailer down to Groveland Oaks, where our friends and neighbors Brad and Jan were camping for a week.  They were kind enough to wait up for us, and help us set up for the night.  Dawn and I were both exhausted from so much driving, and I felt especially bad since it was her birthday, and I couldn't spoil her.  I went to work from the campground the next day, and Dawn enjoyed some time with Jan and the kids.  We had a nice campfire that night, and both Dawn and I went to work the next day.  This was actually pretty nice, and we may do this again next year.  Not using vacation time is definately a plus, and we still had plenty of time to enjoy the campsite after work.  I brought the trailer home on Tuesday night after work, because Cathy and Gord and Mom and Dad were coming over on Wed. to spend a couple days before Cathy and Gord left for their Greek cruise.

© 2014 Dean Abraham