Software Development

When to ask for help

Many times, working on a project can be like walking from one hill to the next.  In between, all is rolling along smoothly, and then you hit a problem that slows down your progress.  You work through the problem, or walk up the hill, then once it is solved, you quickly get back on track until the next problem or hill.

I have worked alongside of programmers that ask for help at the very first sign of trouble, and developers that refuse to ask for help and continue to spin their wheels, wasting valuable project hours along the way.

Coding Standards

Standards are a major indicator of Software Quality

Coding Standards play an extremely important role in building quality software. By adhering to a pre-defined set of standards, developers are able to understand, adopt, and interact with the work built by other members of the team. Conformance to standards promotes interoperability between projects, and allows for easier transitions when a developer is new to the team.

Software Development Mission Statement

My Outlook on what a career in Software Development SHOULD be

We all want to be happy in our jobs, and for software developers that usually comes from a sense of accomplishment and recognition.  These work hand in hand with other factors, since accomplishment comes from meeting a challenge, meeting a challenge comes from having the right skills, and the right skills come from knowledge and communication. 

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