Dog Days of Summer, 2011

To help celebrate National Hot Dog month, I decided to eat at least 1 hot dog each day in July.  I'm going to try and keep the dogs unique, at least in where it was purchased.  Chicago dogs are my current favorite, so they will probably pop up a few times, but from different vendors (ie. Sonic, Hippo's, etc.).  I'm also looking at a lot of recipes, and will try as many as I can.

Some History of the Hot Dog (link)

Dog #22, July 22nd - Jersey Breakfast Dog (Homemade)

Another dog from Jersey!  Todays dog was made for Breakfast, and consisted of a slice of bread, grilled in a frying pan to toast it with Melted cheese on top.  Next came a fried egg, Bacon and the hot dog.  This was very tasty, and I added a dash of Tabasco after my first bite, since that's how I like my eggs.


Dog #21, July 21st - Jersey Slaw Dog (Homemade)

I put this dog off long enough.  Even though I like both hot dogs AND coleslaw, eating them in the same bite just seems wrong.  I used Kroger creamy coleslaw, and no other condiments.  Turned out a lot better than I expected, but still would not be my first choice.


Dog #20, July 20th - Chicken Cordon Bleu (Homemade)

Todays dog was for lunch, and was Dawns brainchild.  It is made with a grilled Koegel's Chicken Frank, Slice of Ham lunch meat and a piece of sliced Swiss Cheese on a toasted (instead of bread crumbs) bun.   The dog tasted nothing at all like standard Chicken Cordon Bleu, but was tasty nonetheless.

Chicken Cordon Bleu dog

Dog #19, July 19th - Turkey on Wheat (Homemade)

Turkey on Wheat dog

Todays dog is my full dinner, and since I gained so much weight over the last weekend I decided to start some diet dog recipes.  These were Turkey dogs,  grilled up and served on Whole Wheat hot dog buns with Banana Pepper rings and mustard.  The turkey dogs were not too bad tasting, but they don't grill up the same, since they never change color.

Dog #18, July 18th - Grilled Peppers & Onion Dog (Homemade)

Another great dog made by Dawn.  She grilled up a couple of Nathan's dogs in a pan alongside some Peppers and Onions.  The dog took on a subtle carmelized onion flavor that was delicious!


Dog #17, July 17th - Pizza Dog (Homemade)

Drove home from Torch today, so I am really spent.  Dawn fixed us up a couple of Pizza dogs, which are dogs that have been cooked in spaghetti sauce  in a saucepan, then put onto a crusty bun and topped with Mozzarella cheese and baked for a few minutes.  I liked it much more than Dawn, as it tasted similar to a Meatball sub.


Dog #16, July 16th - Torch Sand Bar dog (Torch Lake Burger Barge)

A second day on Torch Lake, and I figured I'd make use of a Torch Lake icon, the Burger Barge.  This is a pontoon boat that anchors out at the sandbar, and they grill up Burgers and some other things, including hot dogs.  The hot dog was not anything special, and I only put mustard on it because I was having a hard time juggling my beer, the dog and my wallet, so I just put the dog under the spout of the mustard faucet and gave it a whack.  Fortunately, I like mustard!  Kind of reminded me of a ball park dog, because I always load them up with heavy mustard.


Dog #15, July 15th - Sausage of the Maggi (Homemade)

This was a tough one, because I spent the entire day on Torch Lake, and by the time dinner came around, I was way to umm..... tired to cook the dog I had prepared, which was to be a French Poodle, which I will do later in the month.  So, our chef Brian was using a small sauce on the meat, and I thought what the heck, I'll put a couple drops on a brat, and had it with Horseradish Dijon and a few Jalapenos.  Not really an inspired creation, but given my condition at the time I am surprised I got it done at all.


Dog #14, July 14th - Hot Diggity Dog (Homemade)

I made this dog on day 1 of a 4 day bachelor party.  There was no internet connection available and I could not get a good enough cell signal, so I am posting 4 days worth at once.

This dog was grilled covered with melty Pepper Jack Cheese, then smothered in pickled Jalapenos.  It was not as spicy as I expected, but that could be due to lame jalapenos.


Dog #13, July 13th - One of a kind dog (Boomer's)

Today for lunch I headed over to Boomers in Waterford for their "Pigs in a Blanket" dogs, which are boiled all day, and taste great.  Unfortunately for me, I found out they don't serve them anymore, so when I told Samantha the bartender what I was doing, she went to the kitchen and had them make up a special dog with Andouille sausage and sour cream.  It was very good, and I thank Sam for going the extra mile.


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